June 14, 2009

Insultant for Hire

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“a Consultant gets paid and tells you what you want to hear
an Insultant doesn’t get paid and tells you the truth!”
“Nost people want somebody to come along to tell them what they are doing wrong is right!”
When you care enough to be insulted by the very best – Insultant For Hire
geo geller (P.I.)
P.I. – Professional Insultant
geo (at)

we have had the revolution of birth, standing up, the wheel, the renaissance, the industrial revolution,
the digital revolution, we are in the social revolution and the next revolution we predict is “YOU”
“a good talker is a better listener”

area of expertise: the unimaginable, the incredible, the unthinkable,
satisfaction guaranteed (no money back guaranteed too)

we are open
to anybody anywhere no experience needed

We are all caught in the chaos trying to figure out what to do and how to do it – “a good talker is a better listener” and “if you think you’re going in the wrong direction go there, if you think you’re going in the right direction, change directions!” are two of our mottos – part of being a good insultant is being a better listener and an even better thinker (see below for free example)– try us out and for size and see for yourself – send us a challenge you back, challenge the status quo but we will challenge ourselves


$10,000 and up a for introductory seance in NYC (the skies the limit we also haven’t figure out exactly what a seance is or how long it is but we do know that we are an equal opportunistic employer too)
(plus or minus – sliding scale or tipping the scale)
contact us if you want to retain or restrain us (for an immodest monthly fee)
please stay tuned – we have nothing further to say! no references available contact us for inferences or interference too

we are equal opportunity/opportunist insultants we have insulted governments, business, advertisers, the media, people, places and things, friends and foes, we have even insulted nature the universe, the weather and especially the weather man and anything or anybody or place we have left out we appologize for appologizing – lastly we have taken “HIS” name & “OUR’s” in vain many many times – we have even insulted the mirror mirror on the wall for lying to our face.. and way too many to mention and many so-&-so’s too and then again, there are the many other unmentionables parts, people and places too – we do not ask for permission we ask for forgiveness

(free example)
social media – social sculpture is where we will find not only the future of sustainable business, advertising, but of organizations & government models

why, because we are alive not dead yet, not zombies, as some might think even though we pretend we are and go along to get along – social media is another form of social sculpture much like the flapping of bees wings can change the direction of a storm it can also create a storm and the swarming of bees much like social media is the future metaphore and this my friends is some food for thought and an example of what you can expect when you hire an Insultant For Hire – you’re in trouble

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